Sponsoring Committee

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers play a crucial role in our community. Across our country, volunteers are involved in providing services, which improve and enrich the lives of the youth in our Air Cadet Organization. Some are involved with specific cadet related activities, while others participate at the administrative and decision making levels of the organization. Contact us to find out how you could get involved with the squadron.

Whatever the number of hours you have to offer, you will find the opportunity either to participate in selected activities or to volunteer for a longer term commitment.

We need people like you!

The mandate of the 803 Squadron Sponsoring Committee is to:
  • Promote public interest in the Air Cadets
  • Facilitate the registration of youth into 803 squadron
  • Initiate fundraising activities and events
  • Encourage the contribution of corporate sponsors
  • Communicate with city personnel with regards to the use of training facilities
  • Advise and assist the military staff with regards to the creation and delivery of a complete training program
  • And more!

How to become a committee member?
The Air Cadet League of Canada and its partner, the Department of National Defence (DND) jointly support the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, a premier youth organization. The Air Cadet program is a comprehensive program, which is run in a structured, disciplined and safe manner. In this context, it is important to ensure all volunteers are appropriately selected, initially supervised, well-intended, offer skills which add value and complement the program, and are good role models for Air Cadets. Knowing the volunteers, their skills and talents, and their intended contribution is very important to the Squadron staff and Sponsoring Committee. A team effort produces the best results for the greater benefit of the Cadet Organization.

It should be understood that the League’s responsibilities for civilian volunteers complement those of DND and are of a supporting nature. The Commanding Officer and his/her supporting staff have command and control of the Cadets and are responsible for supervision of the training program. To fulfill its responsibilities to the cadets, DND is required to conform to rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada that defined the level of care required by any organization in protecting youth under its direction. This level of care has been defined as that which would be exercised by a prudent parent in protecting their child. As a full, active partner in this aspect of the Air Cadet Program, it is also reasonable that we should also insure that our registration and screening protocols meet the same standard required by our military partners. The military will be responsible for screening the volunteers of the Canadian Forces, both Regular and Reserve as well as contracted Civilian Instructors.

In order to be properly acquainted with League volunteers and other volunteers, certain information is required. You are asked to complete the Volunteer Registration and Screening Form.

An interview with Sponsoring Committee representative will be required after receipt of the completed form and a Police Records Check and Vulnerable Sector Screening (PRC/VSS). A volunteer’s Registration/Screening is valid for five years as long as the volunteer remains in good standing. By applying and being approved, the Volunteer undertakes an obligation to report any subsequent change to his/her situation/circumstances that is of a nature to reasonably and usually require a re-evaluation and re-screening.

We thank you for your generous offer of volunteer services and hope you understand the legal and moral obligation of the League in reviewing the suitability of all individuals working or involved with youth.