Pilot Ground School

Thursdays, 18:45-21:45 (September-January, then as required until June). Also on occasional Saturdays.

Fsgt Thomas Simo

Who: Open to cadets of at least 14 yrs old interested in applying for the Glider and/or Power Pilot Scholarships. Mature 13-year-old cadets may be selected too. This is for cadets with serious ambitions.

Where: Riverdale High School Cafeteria
Dress: Proper civilian clothing

Wo2 Louis Wei

What: The Ground School is a flying theory class, preparing cadets to get selected for advanced summer pilot training. Cadets may then obtain their Glider Pilot License and/or Private Pilot License.

Awards: Camder Trophy (Glider), Frank Hofmann Trophy (Power), Scholarships (Glider pilot front/back seat familiarization award, Pilot training achievement award, CASARA continuation flying award, West Jet Pilots’ Association continuation pilot training award)

Additional Information:
Classes may take place away from RHS, especially when providing a tour of aeronautical facilities or other related areas.
More classes will be added in January at another time in the week to provide more advance preparation for summer course selection exams & interviews.
Summer courses offered to cadets are for levels 3 and up, from 6 to 7 weeks in duration.
Upon completion of summer courses, cadets may receive Glider Pilot Wings, Glider Pilot Badge and/or Power Pilot Wings to wear on the uniform. Glider Pilots are encouraged to continue glider flight training during fall & spring weekends on cadet gliding familiarization sites. They may receive a Glider Pilot Front Seat (or Back Seat) Familiarization Badge to wear on the uniform.

Here are the general criteria for applying on Glider and/or Power Pilot Scholarships:

Be 16 years of age before the end of camp (17 for Power)

Be in at least level 3 or higher (level 4 or higher for Power)

Be in secondary 3 or higher (secondary 4 or higher for Power)

There are also height and weight requirements for Glider

Have at least 80% attendance at squadron training nights and ground school class

Involvement in other squadron activities (fundraising, citizenship, etc.), good conduct, good academic performance (ground school tests) and previous summer camp experience are all factors for being in the ground school and obtaining the summer courses.

For both courses there are other eventual requirements (passing Transport Canada medical category 3 and Transport Canada theory exam, etc.)

If you have any eligibility questions, please direct them to the Officer in charge.