Occasional Saturdays & Sundays, 07:00-17:00 (December-March)

Who: Open to cadets wishing to make the Biathlon Team
What: Biathlon combines cross-country skiing (or running) and rifle shooting in a safe learning environment, and competition setting for the more advance skiers & shooters.
Where: Mont St-Bruno. Transportation by bus is provided. Meet at Riverdale High School Cafeteria.
Dress: Outdoors sports gear. Check weather for appropriate clothing: warm jacket and/or rain gear, etc. Awards: Marksmanship Trophy, Biathlon Pin to wear on the uniform, awarded to the 803 Squadron representatives at the yearly regional, provincial or national competitions (bronze, silver, gold).

Additional Information:
Cadets must complete the marksmanship course before participating.
Biathlon Championship Series

Cadet In Charge: TBA
Officer In Charge: Civilian Instructor D. KURIYA