Marksmanship – 803 North Shore Sabre Squadron

Tuesday from 6:30pm to 9pm. See activity calendar for more info.

Who: Open to cadets wishing to make the Marksmanship Team.
What: Air rifle shooting in a safe learning environment. Competition setting for the more advance shooters.
Where: Place to be determined
Dress: Proper civilian clothing. Make sure the shirt covers your back when lying down.
Awards: Marksmanship Trophy – Marksmanship Pin to wear on the uniform, awarded to the 803 Squadron representatives at the yearly regional, provincial or national competitions (bronze, silver, gold).

Additional Information:

  • Cadets must complete the marksmanship course before participating.
  • A level 1 to 4 program will assess cadets’ performance. Badges will be issued to wear on the uniform.
  • Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor summer course is also offered to cadets, for levels 3 and up, of 6 weeks in duration.
  • Events:
    • West-Island Region Cadet Marksmanship competition
    • Marksmanship Championship Series