Saturdays, from 09 :00 to 12 :30, occasionally until 15:30, please follow activity calendar.

Who: Open to cadets, even with little or no background in music, wishing to play in the Band.
What: Music lessons on brass & reed instruments such as clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet and more.
Where: Riverdale High School
Dress: Proper civilian clothing
Awards: Patricia Britten Memorial Trophy - Scholarships for level 5 musicians (Music award for excellence)

Additional Information:

  • The Squadron can provide instruments to those cadets showing an interest in learning them. If you have your own or can borrow one from school, you are encouraged to use that one, as our quantities are limited.
  • Bring a pencil, water and the provided sheet music.
  • A level 1 to 5 program will assess cadets' performance. Badges will be issued to wear on the uniform.
  • Band summer courses are also offered to cadets, for all levels, from 3 to 9 weeks in duration.
  • Events:
    • Remembrance Day ceremony
    • Fundraising shows
    • Band workshop in Montreal
    • Eastern Region Cadet Music Festival (competition) in Trois-Rivières